Jimmie L. Johnson, Jr. is the owner/operator of LANDON DEVELOPMENT GROUP and has been a licensed contractor since 2006.  LANDON DEVELOPMENT GROUP has fulfilled the dream of many homeowners in various communities in Nashville Tennessee as well as the state of Alabama (In which we also are licensed).  In addition to custom home building we are specialist in home renovations and remodeling.  Our credentials include: Member of National Association of Homebuilders Middle, TN. and Licensed contractor in TN and AL.

How does LANDON DEVELOPMENT GROUP determine the schedule for my project?

LANDON DEVELOPMENT GROUP understands that a schedule represents more than just a start and end date for your project.  It also provides you with a BIG PICTURE view of deadlines and timelines for making decisions and a comprehensive overview of what days and when builders will be on-site and working.

Who will be at my home or on my lot every day during construction?

Landon Development Group will provide you with comprehensive information in-regards to who you can expect to see on an on-going basis during the build of your home.  You will know who is responsible for securing your property at the end of every work day and have the appropriate contact numbers should you have any questions or concerns.


Who will communicate with me?

Whether we mutually agree to bi-weekly emails, phone conversations or progress walk-throughs… At the beginning of construction we will work together to generate a means of communication that works with your schedule and helps to make the construction process as worry free as possible.


What will happen if there is a change order?

Change orders are almost inevitable during the construction process.  Landon Development Group follows a seamless approach in dealing with change orders.  We give our customers a change order form at the signing of our construction contract.  In event of a change order, we send the customer the “Change Order Form” for signature,  documentation and re-verification.  Once signed and payment is received -the changes are made.


Who and how will you let me know when I need to make a decision?

When a decision needs to be made, you will receive a notification via email or whatever method we establish as the most efficient form of communication.

What kind of documentation will I receive when the project is complete?

When your project is complete, you will receive a copy of LANDON DEVELOPMENT GROUP’s builders warranty packet.  You will also receive a Use and Occupancy letter from the Metro Codes Department verifying that all inspections have been passed and that the property is ready for occupancy.